We've got you COVERED

Constructed for coverage and comfort, our matching hat and scarf sets are made of lightweight, breathable, stretch jersey and are available in a variety of colors that mimic hues of hair tones.

kit includes: jersey hat with loop, jersey scarf, volumizer + scarf band

discover the classic hedy

YOU define YOU

Our goal is to take fashion intimidation out of the equation and make you feel comfortable in your own skin again by offering a range of headwear supporting women facing complete hair loss. A diagnosis of any disease shouldn’t dictate or change your style or fashion sense. Layer in a scarf with the HEDY to make it your own.

ensemble includes: jersey hat with loop, woven scarf, volumizer + scarf band


OPTIONS are Essential

From our CLASSIC HEDY to our CURATED HEDY sets and everything in between, our understated stylish options will keep you feeling coiffed until your hair regrowth begins. Your hair WILL grow back…just think of GEEG as a placeholder until it does…