about our GIVE

Cancer is like anything else in life. Until we are faced with an obstacle that will affect our daily routines or requires a decision, we don't involve ourselves. Simply put and with zero judgement...life is busy.

Then it happens. You find yourself making life-altering decisions quickly. You become a quick study and learn about things that you wish you didn't have to. With open eyes, you start to examine all aspects of your life with a different lens and over a relatively short period of time...you change. Your priorities change, relationships change, your perspective changes. 

Medical expenses are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States. The fall out from this is staggering.  Our medical system is broken. People and parents, like me, have to choose between putting food on the table for their families or getting treatment. Children, like my daughter, are living out of cars with their families because they’ve lost their homes.

We all have a starting point and this is ours. GEEG is an opportunity and platform to GIVE. One of our many goals is to establish relationships with groups and organizations that are making things matter with immediate change.
We are inspired, humbled and proud of our first partnership with  Family Reach,  a non-profit organization which is a financial life line for families struggling with cancer. Within days of being contacted, Family Reach steps in and almost immediately, families have their mortgage paid, transportation to/from treatment and can afford the medication that's life saving with little to no red tape. 
Donate to Family Reach.
Our commitment - with every GEEG purchase, 10% will be donated to Family Reach.


We are inspired by the global movement of Certified B-Corp.  We aspire to be a part of the family of communities using business as a force for good.  


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