What UNRAVELS you?

Whether it’s life-changing challenges like cancer or just everyday stressors, what matters is how we ravel ourselves back together. When Gina de Givenchy, Founder, was diagnosed with cancer and started to lose her hair, she quickly realized that ‘retail therapy’ didn’t exist for the cancer patient. Every hat, scarf or turban she came across reminded her of her illness or a hospital gown, both depressing, both un-relatable. 

"It was important for me to demystify
this disease for my daughter and
all that came along with it." 

my story

BLURRING the lines between person and patient.

GEEG was created for people who crave beautifully made, stylish items that make them feel comfortable in their own skin again. Looking better really does make you feel better. When it comes to beauty and fashion sense, no one should have to compromise or settle, regardless of circumstance. 


Some of us wear ribbons...

For the ultimate show of support for the ones you love, explore all the 'must-have' gift items featured in our collection.

Gifting made easy.  All headwear and gift items
come wrapped in custom packaging.


GEEG [gee-j]

Created from a need, a want and a wish.


We take fashion intimidation out of the equation.

Headwear that supports women facing complete hair loss. A portion of every purchase from our site will be donated to our partnered non-profit organizations.