GEEG unraveled

Gina de Givenchy Launches GEEG specializing in Headwear


Everyone has a story. Mine isn’t special or different than any others. One day I was a 46-year-old woman, wife, mother and dog owner. I answered to all of these. I happily put my fashion career on hold to raise our daughter in New York. Life was challenging, busy and beautiful.

I had no idea how normal it all was until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That day will always stay with me  – the poking, the probing, the jabbing - the fear. I went home with the words “prepare for the worst” ringing in my ears. I remember sitting in Central Park on a bench late that afternoon with the realization that life, as I knew it, had forever changed.

Suddenly I had become a 46-year-old cancer patient, a wife that needed caring for, a mother of a preteen that needed me more than ever and a dog owner that belonged to "the club". I found myself going through the motions of life without living it. Everything became a checklist. Doctor appointments. Genetic testing. Mastectomy. Chemotherapy. Reconstructive surgery. Life wasn’t so beautiful after all.

Cancer had changed everything I had always identified myself by. It’s strange what losing your hair and female form can do to a girl. I truly lost sense of myself. I’d look at my reflection in the mirror not recognizing the woman who stared back. I worried how this would all affect my daughter. I didn't want her to be afraid of the words “cancer” and “chemotherapy” or be devastated when I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for dinner or find the energy to put on my makeup. It was important for me to demystify this disease and all that comes along with it. I wanted to be in control again. I had to learn to embrace the things I could change instead of dwelling on the things I couldn’t.

If I wasn’t going to look like myself, I at least needed to feel like myself. I had a beautiful wig but it was uncomfortable, itchy and hot. I needed alternatives…a beauty boost, a feel good purchase! I searched endlessly online for headwear that brought style and beauty back into my life. I realized ‘retail therapy’ didn’t exist for cancer patients or people with little or no hair. The one-size-fits-all, dated head-wraps and scarves was discouraging...and sad. I was amazed how impossible it was to find chic, well-made stylish headwear.

With my experience and background in fashion, I saw an enormous need to fill a gap in the market for people like myself. Forever threatening to start my own clothing line, although not at all how I ever imagined, I felt passion and committed to my new project. I wanted to create a company that blurred the lines between PERSON and PATIENT. When it comes to fashion and style, no one should have to compromise. 

Welcome to GEEG...created from a need, a want and a wish.

A lifestyle brand offering ALL THINGS COOL, NOT CLINICAL…accessories, gifts and things-we-love. We make things matter by giving back and help to make a difference for others, however big…however small. We look forward to seeing our partnerships and collaborations grow, increase our give and expand our collection in every direction we possibly can.  

This is the beginning of my new story... 




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