the classic HEDY

off white
dark brown
light brown
  • The classic HEDY is a three-piece set designed to help support you through the trauma of hair-loss to new hair regrowth with confidence and grace.
    Thoughtfully created, our matching hat and scarf sets are made of lightweight, breathable, stretch jersey and are available in colors similar to hair tones that are recognizable. We've added a loop on the back of the hat not only to lace the scarf through but also ensure a secure fit. A volumizer, which adds bulk under the hat when you first lose your hair, and a scarf band to help with styling, completes this must-have set.
  • HEDY set includes:
    volumizer: 100% cotton
    jersey hat with loop: 95% micro modal 5% spandex
    jersey scarf: 95% micro modal 5% spandex
    scarf band: silicone
    custom packaging that we love: 100% cotton
    made in USA
  • Depending on your mood or the occasion, we recommend visiting our scarf collection to add additional options to make the look your own.
  • Hand or machine wash cold, gentle cycle.
    Wring dry in towel and lay flat to dry.
    Steam or iron as needed.

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