Immunocologie: Healthy skin never felt so luxurious.

Immunocologie: Healthy skin never felt so luxurious.

May 01, 2019


While the concept of annual resolutions can seem a little trite, there is no greater opportunity than the advent of a new year to rejuvenate one’s skincare regime. During the cold months – a time where our innate defenses are down and our Vitamin D levels similarly so – a little extra care injected into our routines is thoroughly appreciated by our complexion. Plus, following a few weeks where a diet rich in processed foods or those loaded with salt, fat and sugar is commonplace, our skin health suffers… and so here are our top five tips for amplifying your skin health in the new year. Be good to yourself and your complexion will thank you.

  1. Switch to a richer cleanser. Often we notice that our skin becomes drier during winter, due to the colder weather outside and the artificially-heated temperatures inside. It is the perfect time to evaluate your cleanser: if it is a soap or gel wash, move to a creamier lotion formulation to help prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
  1. Use a hyaluronic serum. To provide an extra boost of moisture and avoid TEWL, use a hyaluronic serum – which can be layered under other serums or moisturizers – as part of your morning and evening skincare regimen. In this case, more is more.


  1. Evaluate your diet. Ensure that your diet contains enough vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables high in water content and oily fish loaded with Omega oils. Supplement your meals with green teas, consumed throughout the day for an extra boost of anti-oxidants.VSCO+Cam-1-2
  1. Take walks. Brisk walks will encourage blood circulation – if you’re going fast enough to get a slight sweat going, you will naturally detox your body while simultaneously oxygenating the skin. Plus, we could all do with an extra walk or two following an abundance of festive treats…


  1. Layer your products. Think of layering your products like layering your clothing in the winter, the more the better, but the order always matters. When it comes to the evenings, apply IMMUNOCOLOGIE Face Serum to your skin, followed by Night Protection to combine their forces and repair skin while you sleep. On days when you feel you need a thorough refresh, pat our Oxygen Treatment Crème onto freshly-cleansed skin and go straight to bed: you’ll wake up to a gently restored complexion free from dry, dull skin – the perfect new start to a new year.