(Old) About 2



Being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 changed everything - my hair, my skin, my life and maybe most importantly, my perspective.  I lost sense of myself.  I'd stare at my reflection in the mirror not recognizing the woman who stared back.  I didn't feel pretty or confident, but when I felt well enough to go out, I wanted to look better than I felt. I wanted to be the woman who would not allow a difficult diagnosis chip away at my personality.

I decided to embrace the things I could change instead of dwelling on the ones that I couldn't.  Having worked in fashion for as long as I can remember, I've learned to never underestimate the power of style and confidence.  

Whether it’s a life-changing challenge like cancer or just everyday stressors, we all have things that unravel us. What matters is how we ravel ourselves back together. When I was going through my cancer experience and losing my hair, I quickly realized that ‘retail therapy’ didn’t exist for the cancer patients. Every hat, scarf or turban I came across reminded me of my illness or a hospital gown, both depressing, both un-relatable. GEEG is for women and people like me who crave beautifully made, stylish items that make one feel comfortable in their own skin again. Looking better really does make you feel better. When it comes to beauty and fashion sense, no one should have to compromise or settle. 




Our goal is to create a lifestyle brand, starting with  accessories, gifts and items we love then quickly add skincare/beauty and clothing.

Our hope is to blur the lines between person and patient because a diagnosis doesn't change personal style or fashion sense. 

Our first collection is our interpretation of chic, stylish everyday headwear and accessories that are simply relatable not only for the modern woman but everyone. Given the tremendous gap in the market for women's specific needs regarding hair-loss solutions, we've created unique basics and specifically curated ensembles and sets with coordinating scarves to make decisions easier during a challenging time. Everything sent from us is wrapped as a gift should be, making gifting easy.


We can all do with a little more beauty surrounding us and help to pass that beauty around freely. 

Our purpose is to make life a little easier and a little prettier by offering items we think everyone will love as much as we do...a beauty boost!

Our promise is to help make a difference by giving back and raising awareness, however big...however small. A portion of every GEEG purchase, including items from THINGS we LOVE, will be donated to our partnered non-profit organizations that help support and directly impact people dealing with cancer and the financial burden of their medical responsibilities.