Let your mood set the tone. Tied up for drama or down for ease....
All we ask of you is to wear it with confidence and a smile.


Use the volumizer cap to create bulk under the hat and scarf.
Pull the scarf through the cleverly placed loop at the back of the hat to ensure it stays in place. Style scarf as you like.
Once your hair starts to grow back, use only the hat and scarf. When you are comfortable without the hat, just use the scarf and scarf band to style.

Imagine the scarf as your hair. Pull the scarf or wrap through the band as you would your hair into a ponytail. Use the scarf band to make styling easy. After all, don’t you already have enough to think about?


Start with the center of the scarf at your forehead.
Wrap to back and crisscross ends. 
Twist ends and wrap forward to top or side of head.
Knot and tuck scarf ends.


Start with one end of the turban at the side of your head.
Hold in place with one hand as you wrap around head.
Once secure, twist or wrap as you like.
Tuck end of turban to hold in place.


Start with wrap at forehead.
Wrap around head twice.
Knot on side.


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